Back To School Startup – Now What?

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I will admit August comes and I begin to panic a little. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching.  However, the easy-going, lack of responsibility of the summer holidays is pretty wonderful.  This summer, I took an intentional rest from work, I did my best to relax and enjoy time with my family. Every year, with the start of the school year  I begin feeling a bit overwhelmed.  So today I am focused on starting my journey to September with a new attitude and new intentions.  This way I can boldly go into September excited and invigorated instead of anxious and overwhelmed (and hopefully can help my children do the same). Today I start with these five things in mind as I start the transition between summer and school!




Now What

  1. Be Intentional – In my classroom I always let the students know what our intention is for the lesson.  I’m trying to do the same in my life.  By setting an intention (or intentions) for each day I ensure I’m on task and focused. This reminds an easily side-tracked, multi-tasker like me of what I’m supposed to be doing.
  2. Be Present –  We are a culture of people who struggle with being present.  Whether it’s our cell phones or multi-tasking, our ability to be exactly where we are and enjoy the moment has become endangered.  So as I set out to prepare for September, and still hold onto the joys of summer, I need to remind myself to be present.  Whether I am at work or at play, BE there!
  3. Be Proactive – If you are like me and juggling the work-home connection life gets a little busier in September.  So I am looking to make adjustments and preparations ahead of time that will make my daily life run just a little bit smoother (see some of my favourite preparations here).
  4. Find Balance –  Remembering to balance my time between both work and fun will set a good pattern for the balance I hope to practice more effectively this school year.
  5. Be Positive – Summers wouldn’t be as sweet if they weren’t juxtaposed against the school year.  These next few weeks I am focusing on all the things I LOVE about teaching and routine.  I’m looking at ideas and planning for the amazing year ahead. I know that my positive outlook will also help my kids get excited about their school year!

What are some ways you prepare yourself and your family for the upcoming school year?

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