When the going gets tough… (Teaching our Children Growth Mindset)

I’m just returning from a visit to High Tech High in San Diego California.  This school is recognized around the globe for its project-based learning.  It definitely is a school like none I’ve ever seen before, but what stood out … Continued

Oh NO we won’t “Pokemon Go”.

We are half way through our summer holidays and some children are starting to get antsy (why is it that summer feels longer when you’re a child). As a mom of three I am constantly looking for great ways of … Continued

Balance – Five Organizational Tips for a Smoother September

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School Start Up is a crazy time at our house; with the kids needing new school supplies and shoes (their feet have each grown two sizes this summer), and my needs for organization, cleanliness and routine.  So in attempting to find … Continued

Using Books to Get your Children Talking!!

I am a self proclaimed book addict, my husband would agree.  I LOVE books and especially love books that are not only good for the mind but are good for the heart and soul too.  I often use books as … Continued

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